Monday, October 14, 2013

American and British Cultural Differences

There are many culture differences between United States of America and United Kingdom. Us and Uk people both have their own way of talking, making friends and interacting with people, even the social structure is also different.

Here we will discuss about some aspects of British and American Culture. Hope it will help you to understand the differences between American culture and British culture :

1. British people are more civil. Americans are very open and friendly. Chat with an American is quite easy even they are quick to share literally private details about their private lives but British are more reserved about personal lives.

2. The 24 hour clock is measured as usual in British but it is basically unused in the USA.

3. When writing out numbers, the British include "and" previous to the tens and units, for example : two thousand and three. In America it is considered proper to drop the "and".

4. In UK Religion is sometime mocked and laughed at, on the other hand in America lots of people trust in Religion. But mixing religion and politics is tremendously rare in the UK.

5. The majority of Americans tend to be more openly patriotic than Britons.

6. American people are very much emotional, dramatic and loud compare to British people.

7. British people are much more liberal then American. They will complain and criticize the things about their own country if they do not like it. But American people think they are always right !

8. For people of England it is really hard to get hold of guns because there have lots of restriction. Whereas in America getting a gun is very easy.

9. Education cost is a lot cheaper in England. Even the education system in UK is much better then the USA.
The British are less conservative than Americans. In UK drinking age is 18, in America which is 21.

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