Saturday, January 25, 2014

Indian Dirty Cricket Politics

India is planning to destroy Cricket. Recently India came with a dirty plan by which they want to run ICC by their own wish. It is very much unfortunate that England and Australia is also with them.

India is controlling the world cricket for last 4/5 years. It's not like that they are playing good. The main thing is they are providing huge amount of money to ICC. Cricket is the most popular game in India and Indian people are crazy about cricket. So ICC earn huge amount of money from India through this game. So India quite often dominate the world cricket - not in field but out side of the field. 

So they are now trying to take control over ICC. Now they want majority of income from ICC and they want to keep the game away from other country who are trying to do well in this game. 

So this is all about politics which will destroy this very popular game. Already Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa - raised their voice to stop this type of selfish decision. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Salman Khan will not marry

Salman Khan is a huge star. He is the only star of Bollywood - whom people follow madly. People come to theater ta watch Salman even if the story line is not good enough! Salman has everything money, power, stardom or even girlfriend. But still he is bachelor!  This is very much surprising! Two of his younger brother and all of his colleagues got married and all of them have their own family. Only Salman is unmarried !

There had a time when star's were not wanted to marry at their best time of career because audience do not like a married hero or heroine. But things have been changed - Now a days married hero and heroines are also very popular. So what's wrong with Salman Khan ? His Family, friends and fans are very much concern about his marriage, only Salman is not showing any interest!

My prediction is - Salman will not marry ! It may sounds odd but i think that Salman Khan will not marry in his entire life. If you see his interview at recent times you will see that he has not interest to get married in recent 2/3 years. So do you think Salman will get marry after his 50 ? No way ! 

But as a Salman Khan fan I want to see Salman as a married person. Salman Best of Luck.

Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Make Fantastic Cup of Green Tea

Green Tea is very much popular and testy all over the world. Not only this green tea is healthy also. Sometime we see that doctor and specialist give suggestion to take green tea. Green  tea is more healthy then taking tea with milk.

So i was very much curious about taking green tea because i have this habit of having 6/7 cup of teas per day but i used to take tea with milk (but no sugar). So when i took the decision of taking green tea i faced lots of problem. Because usually people drink green tea with sugar and i have problem with sugar ! On the other hand i was very much keen to change my tea habit from milk tea to green tea. So i got an idea to make green tea with out sugar  and milk which will be more testy and healthy ! Now i am going to share that idea with you :

To make a perfect cup of green tea you need Cardamom, Cinnamon, clove, water and tea. 

At first boil water for a minute and then put one pics of cardamom, some part of cinnamon and clove into the water and boil it for 4/5 minutes. Now see that the boil water got a new thin red look and it started smell good. Now spread your tea into the water and boil it for not more then 20 seconds. And now taste it.

I think you will get a fantastic cup of tea if you follow the process properly. But do not worry if you do not have all the three elements (Cardamom, Cinnamon, clove) at the same time. You can use one element among the three and still can get a perfect cup of green tea.