Saturday, January 25, 2014

Indian Dirty Cricket Politics

India is planning to destroy Cricket. Recently India came with a dirty plan by which they want to run ICC by their own wish. It is very much unfortunate that England and Australia is also with them.

India is controlling the world cricket for last 4/5 years. It's not like that they are playing good. The main thing is they are providing huge amount of money to ICC. Cricket is the most popular game in India and Indian people are crazy about cricket. So ICC earn huge amount of money from India through this game. So India quite often dominate the world cricket - not in field but out side of the field. 

So they are now trying to take control over ICC. Now they want majority of income from ICC and they want to keep the game away from other country who are trying to do well in this game. 

So this is all about politics which will destroy this very popular game. Already Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa - raised their voice to stop this type of selfish decision. 

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