Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Salman Khan will not marry

Salman Khan is a huge star. He is the only star of Bollywood - whom people follow madly. People come to theater ta watch Salman even if the story line is not good enough! Salman has everything money, power, stardom or even girlfriend. But still he is bachelor!  This is very much surprising! Two of his younger brother and all of his colleagues got married and all of them have their own family. Only Salman is unmarried !

There had a time when star's were not wanted to marry at their best time of career because audience do not like a married hero or heroine. But things have been changed - Now a days married hero and heroines are also very popular. So what's wrong with Salman Khan ? His Family, friends and fans are very much concern about his marriage, only Salman is not showing any interest!

My prediction is - Salman will not marry ! It may sounds odd but i think that Salman Khan will not marry in his entire life. If you see his interview at recent times you will see that he has not interest to get married in recent 2/3 years. So do you think Salman will get marry after his 50 ? No way ! 

But as a Salman Khan fan I want to see Salman as a married person. Salman Best of Luck.

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