Monday, November 18, 2013

Filmy India and Indian Film

India is a glamorous country. It is the seventh largest country of the world. Lots of different kinds of people live here - in every corner of the country there have variety. People have different way of talking, thinking and celebrating things. In India people love to sing, they love to dance and they love to entertain other people. In fact those are not only part of their culture but part of their religion and life. Entertainment plays a huge roll in India and film industries are the main source for Indian people. In India there have 8 film industries ! can you believe it !

India is a filmy country. People follow film stars like madly - film star are like god in India. Specially male actors rule people's mind and life style. People do what ever their favorite star's do in big screen. South India people are maddest among all Indian people. If you go there you will wonder. In South India people's life style is totally filmy. You may think that they are not normal ! In South India there have 4 different film industries ! 4 are : Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and  Kannada cinema.

But India's most hottest, biggest and popular film industry is Bollywood. Every year Indian film industry produces more the 2000 films ! Indian film Industries list are give below :
  • Bengali Cinema
  • Bollywood/Hindi Cinema 
  • Kannada Cinema
  • Marathi Cinema
  • Telugu Cinema
  • Tamil Cinema
  • Malayalam Cinema
  • Kannada Cinema

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