Thursday, November 14, 2013

Indian Way to Attract Men

Indian culture is quite different and interesting. Here food taste is different even the life style has it's own unique taste. Men like there local women which is known as "Desi ladies". People have different taste so Indian women also do lots of interesting things to attract their desire person.

I should mention that Indian men's taste is different from other people around the world. Indian men most of the time they like chubby body. Fat women and girls got all the attention and women know those thing so they also try to show their chubby and milky fat part of body which will easily attract their male partner.

But the task is not that much easy because Indian society is very much conservative. So women has to cover their body and then try to attract their male partner.There have some tricks by which women can try to attract their men ! Fat belly, milky navel those really get the attention ! But the most easiest and common way is showing the cleavage !

Yes, most of the Indian lady use their cleave to attract the men and Indian men also very much found of that part women body. Especially the married women quite often use their cleavage to get the attention.

Indian society do not allow female to wear bra in public place or in society. In Indian society women can only wear bar under their cloths. On the other hand Indian men has huge attraction towards the bra so clever ladies some time wear transparent blouse or dress to show their bra and that visible bra really attract the men. 

Bra strip is also on interesting thing which can attract the men. Often women willing show their bra strip to get attention. 

Those may sounds odd or funny but those are the really. Sometime i feel that may be Indian women are not getting their freedom ! Or may be i am wrong ! May be Indian women love to do those stuff to get men's attention ! May be Indian women are happy !

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