Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Film Review

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore is a American drama film. The story line is about a women who live with her son and there have lots of ups and down in her life. She try to start a new life after the death of her husband. She had lots of dream and her son was the center of her all dreams. She fall in love and try to build a new relationship but life become harder for her. At last she got her man and start a new life together.

It has a very simple story line. Relationship with people, love, emotion, family and friendship those are the elements of this movie. Alice had a good family though she did not have fantastic relation with her husband but it was OK ! She had a friend in her next door but after the death of her husband she left her friend. So there had lots of ups and down in her relationship. But the best part of her life was her son and the director gave enough importance on this mother and son's relationship. 

Cast :
Ellen Burstyn as Alice Hyatt
Alfred Lutter as Alice's son
Donald Hyatt as Billy Green Bush

Director : Martin Scorsese

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