Wednesday, January 08, 2014

IELTS Test Process and Slandered

Ielts exam is a test by which we can get idea about how much strong or week we are in English. It is an international test and all over the world the standard is same. So you can not blame the exam process or the authority who are related with the exam process if you can not able to score good result in Ielts exam. Because all over the world exam process are same and they follow the same rules and regulations.  

Even the teachers who control the test and give the marks they also have the same quality. Those teacher are well trained under a slandered system and every 2 years those teacher and authorities have to retrain them self by facing some test. And quite often we see that those people visit different countries and take the exam so that the exam process remain fair.

So it is very much true that IELTS exam process and slandered is same all over the world.     

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